Station to Station- TV series and Multimedia

23 april 2000 - Art, Multimedia, Projects, uncategorized

Station to Station, een processie voorstelling, live goede vrijdag 2000, foto: Tjebbe van Tijen


Station to Station

Maartje Nevejan directed the 4 hours live performance Station to Station, in the Amsterdam red light district, on Good Friday 2000.
In collaboration with Mattmo productions.


The whole neighbourhood was linked with artists to make a performance about mourning.
What is the meaning of “the passion”, the last days of Jesus, 2000 years after?
Among the performers were the drug addicts, the prostitutes, the old retired people, the high school and the elementary school of the neighbourhood.

For weeks there were rehearsals on the schools, in the old peoples home, the buddhist temple, in the churches and red light rooms in the Nieuwmarkt.
Stars were the priests from the church. The performance caused a lot of upheaval in the city.
Artists included: Marina Abramovic, Ger van Elk, Eli Content, Marc Mulders, Desiree Dolron, Gijs Frieling, Kadir van Lohuizen, Theu Boermans, Herman Franke.


The prostitutes perform as brides at “Station to Station “


artists and inhabitants of the Red Light District cross their talents, in the multimedia production ” Station to Station”

Multi media

This play was connected to the television series ’14 Stations, ecce Homo’. 

It was broadcasted on the same time as the performance at 3 o’Clock(the time jesus died according to the scriptures) in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
It was  aired live on the Internet, than only just beginning as a new medium, as crazy as it sounds.

A year later it was broadcasted in Finland and Italy on Easter.

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