#shut up I’m reading

10 maart 2015 - Art, Projects

Nevejan wrote the script and coached Melissa Optie to make a mini movie for the Blikopeners in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It was part of the exhibition of Ed Atkins in 2015.
With our smartphone always at hand, we constantly check news messages, view our friends’ photographs on Instagram, or watch videos on YouTube. But instead of that never-ending and rather dull Facebook timeline, Blikopeners (peer educators at the Stedelijk Museum) much prefer to read a book. In this video made by Blikopener Melissa Optie, the Blikopeners talk about reading and their favorite book.

The Blikopeners were inspired by the work of Ed Atkins for the presentation Shut up I’m reading: It connected them to their digital world and specifically to their desire to escape from daily life now and then. Feel free to read one of the favorite books that were selected by Ed Atkins, The Blikopeners and other Stedelijk-employees.

Shut up I’m reading – a presentation in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Blikopener Spot
21-2-2015 t/m 31-5-2015