Royal Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW) Presentation of the research IYANTWAY.

8 februari 2017 - News, uncategorized

December 20th 2016 and January 20th 2017, we presented te research of our project If You Are Not There Where Are You, at the KNAW in Amsterdam, for a general audience, and in January for for a selected audience of the Dutch Ministry of Culture and a group of scientists. Interesting discussions: How can Art and Science collaborate in an engaging way?

It was lots of fun to have films and VR all over the 17th century building, thus transforming a solemn science building, into a play garden full of art experiences. The audience was amazed and touched by our 40 minutes researchfilm, the artistic research of the Utrecht Arts School and the column of writer Wanda Reisel, you can read at the blog, on this website.


Barbara Visser,directeur Academie voor de Kunsten