One World Festival Prague: selected film “Are You there ?” March 2020

5 maart 2020 - News

Happy to announce that ” Are you There” is selected in the One World Festival in Prague.

First screening is March 6th at 19.30

For the rest of the screenings check the website:

They wrote a beautiful text in the programme about it.

Are You There

An insight into the life of epileptics turns into an essay on basic existential questions. With the help of psychologists and artists, the four protagonists try to convey what their consciousness is experiencing at times when it seems to the outside world that they “are not here.”

A bold collage of images and thoughts seeks to bring human perception influenced by epilepsy closer, but ultimately also the foundations on which human perception as such stands. Where are the limits of what we consider to be real? Director Maartje Nevejan watches individuals whose contact with the world is interrupted by the erratic seizures she herself experienced as a child. She wants to know where consciousness goes when the brain is short-circuiting. Or is it the world that ceases to exist for a moment? The film is not afraid to shift to unexpected questions of identity, free will and personal realization through art that transcends the topic of epilepsy. The volatility of the footage evokes a current which cannot be handled arbitrarily. The film is something between a dream and a search in the dark, without pretending to hope that the questions will be answered. Only fascination remains.

Czech premiere

About the film

Director: Maartje Nevejan
2019 | 90 min.

Language: Dutch, English

Subtitles: Czech, English




Maartje Nevejan

Festival guest on days
Mar 06 – Mar 09, 2020

2019 – Are You There?
2015 – Harry, Tiny En Sonja
2009 – Theo van Gogh? Die is dood

Maartje Nevejan