Where did you go? Interview with Maartje

1 november 2019 - Blog, News

An interview with Maartje Nevejan about the inner worlds of absence seizures in ‘Still Life’
(a zine about choreography, care and kink).

Maartje Nevejan: Absence Epilepsy is a few seconds of being absent; that what other people see. Sometimes it’s so short that you don’t notice it, but for the person who has the absences, it is much longer like one or two minutes and you can see that it’s longer than it appears if you put on an EEG.[1] It usually happens with kids and young adults and with 70 percent of the people it just disappears before you reach adulthood. And it is very frequently diagnosed; Some kids can have a hundred absences a day so usually what happens is that they are diagnosed when they are in a primary school because they miss a lot of information because they are ‘the daydreamers’, the kids who are dreaming. It’s also called ‘the dreamy state’ in the United States. It was called ‘petit mal’ for thousands of years.