Film ‘Are You There” to Johannesburg, South Africa.

3 maart 2020 - News
to film and venue

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We are happy to announce that the film of Maartje Nevejan is selected for the Rapid Lion Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Documentary Feature
Maartje Nevejan

1h 33mins


Dutch, English

Are You There? is part of a paradigm shifting transmedia project called If You Are Not There, Where Are You? (IYANTWAY). Besides the documentary film, the project also includes the VR-installation In My Absence, a book, an art exhibition, live events with artists and scientists, a website with 360-film ( and an interactive web-app. All media tell a different part of the story and all have one goal: to create a complete new phenomenological narrative for the inner world.

March 10 and 13, 2020, 6:00:00 PM
Mannie Manim Theatre, Johannesburg South Africa.