Fiction Value

21 mei 2003 - Art, Documentary, Multimedia, Projects

Nevejan was the director of of a 2 days-festival “Fiction Value” in Amsterdam West, with teenagers of several ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In collaboration with Wilma Kuite and Pol Eggermont.
Fiction value was the basis for the documentary series Couscous & Cola.

kids Fiction Value met Hannah Belliot

Documentary about the festival by Nicole Balm

Ditstv made a documentary about this festival, organized by a group of artists in Amsterdam West. The festival was called ‘Fiction Value, me and my surroundings’ , in cooperation with Wkprodukties, VSB-fund, circus Elleboog, Poetryrevue, festival de Parade. Nevejan formed a debating group with students and people from the neighboorhood and they put a show together with films and music and lots of heated debating rounds. These shows formed the inspiration of the tv series Couscous & Cola that first showed on television in November 2004. 

There was a video-newspaper, a wall of dreams, a silence-space and a huge breakfast for the whole neighbourhood.
director: Nicole Balm
25 minutes
Producer: Ditstv
Broadcast by: AT5

kids Fiction Value met Hannah Belliot, wethouder Amsterdam