As part of a new NOOR Experience event during IDFA, NOOR and the NOOR Foundation invite artists, designers, researchers, documentary makers, and the general public to reflect on the developments around new media and storytelling. The new Digital World is characterised by virtual reality, augmented reality, online platforms and new visual and technological possibilities. How do new forms of media change documentary and photography? And how can we measure the impact of these new ways of storytelling?

Christiaan Triebert
researcher and (photo)journalist
Steyn Hoogakker
Founder Impact Journey, researcher & visual storyteller
Topaz Adizes
Writer, Director & Storyteller
Ziv Schneider
Artist and designer
Maartje Nevejan
Independent film/multimedia maker & initiator Magic Carpet
Noa Jansma
student at the Design Academy Eindhoven