De prik en het meisje/Once upon a vaccination- TV documentary

2 april 2011 - Documentary, Projects

‘Once upon a vaccination’ (De prik en het meisje) is a personal film, about a mothers doubt to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, her 12 year old daughter with the HPV vaccination against cervical cancer. It is a filmed essay about vaccination and doubt, decision making, the gap between the citizen and the government, the pharmaceutical industry and the quest of a mother to find the truth for her daughter. Half of the population in the Netherlands decided not to vaccinate, and it became a huge controversial issue in the media.

The film is reguarly screened on international conferences and at the Dutch Ministery of Health.

In 2011 ‘Once upon a vaccination’ was screened at the Dutch Film Festival and Nevejan invited as a special guest.

Maartje Nevejan en dochter NoaPress announcement in Dutch.
Interview with Maartje Nevejan in Nefarma in Dutch
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