OUR BELOVED- feature documentary film

22 februari 2022 - Documentary, Projects

In development: Our Beloved

The sheer size of grief in the world today is colossal with startling few tools to help people unite with it. As Débora Gonzalez says: “Western therapists basically have nothing to offer those who suffer.” During my search, I was drawn to the innovative work of a few women who use rituals to help people accept and integrate grief into their lives, some based on ancient practices and medicine, others on contemporary artistic, ceremonial and political ideas. I felt called to make Our Beloved to bring attention to the moving results these women and their work have, and in the process hopefully give stage to the awareness-changing rite of passage grief can be for us all.

Nevejan started in 2015 on a journey towards a ten year trilogy, determined to explore and to find a new visual language for inner experiences.
The research will produce three feature documentary films
In 2015- 2019, Are You There?(Ik ben er even niet)
In 2020-2021, Descending the mountain
2022-2025 Our Beloved.

Our Beloved

Written by Nevejan and pre- produced by Annette Badenhorst.
Co producer: Willemijn Cerutti

Start production 2023- Release 2025/2026