’14 + 1 Staties, ecce homo’- TV series

4 februari 2000 - Multimedia, Projects, Series

This 15 episode television series is part of a cross-media concept. A contemporary reflection on the theme of suffering, based upon the 14 stations that depict Jesus’ way of the cross: the Passion.

14 en 1 staties

In ten minutes each episode pictures a Station of the Cross and tells a story of people trying to stay afloat as the things they rely on give way. The story of the Passion, both pictorial and musical, becomes more transparent and broader. Artists include Ger van Elk, writer Herman Franke, director Theu Boermans, painters Marc Mulders, Elie Content and Gijs Frieling. People include a mother who has lost her child, a drug addict suffering from Aids, a nun, a mountaineer, a social worker and a journalist.

’14 stations, ecce homo’ was nominated best film at the Festival Trento, Italy 2001


14 Stations, ecce homo.
15 x 10 minutes
Editor: Michiel van Jaarsveld
Producer: KRO, BRT, Mattmo, Maartje Nevejan Produkties
Broadcast: Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy en AT5 Amsterdam